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10/09/17 10:30 PM #97    


Lynne Horsfield (Zakaria)

What a terrible time for Santa Rosa with all the fire devastation!  Thinking of classmates who still live there with families in the area and hoping everyone is ok.  My girlfriend/classmate Donna Pendergrass, married to Bob Lombardi  (Santa Rosa HS Class of '64), lost their home in Rincon Valley but thankfully are safe.  Truly a day to count my blessings.  

10/10/17 04:06 AM #98    


Steve Raymond

Gary Searby lives up where much of the fire was yesterday. I hope he's ok, plus any others who may have been in the path of one of the many fires. It would help us all who are not in Santa Rosa at the moment if anyone could post information about classmates who were affected.

10/10/17 09:39 AM #99    


Edith Watt (Lee)

I talked (briefly) to Suzanne Goormstic O'Brien yesterday, before our phones lost service. She had been evacuated and was pretty sure her home perished!  I am anxious to hear about her and others. My thoughts and prayers are continually with anyone effected by this horrific fire.

10/10/17 10:07 AM #100    


Vickie Flieger (Settle)

Hello everyone. 

The only additional info I can add at this point is an email response from Jill Atkins Francis yesterday

(Monday)  that they were fine but 99% certain their house was gone. I will post any new updates 

if/when I get them.

Hugs to all - Vickie Flieger Settle

PS. I live in Marin County now so really only have info from news, my sister (safe) and my niece (safe.)

10/10/17 10:29 AM #101    

Ted Strub


For those looking for map type info about the fires, I found the following link that shows some of the evacuation areas, the recent hot spots etc. But it doesn't give much detail in the actual town of Santa Rosa itself.

Ted Strub.




10/10/17 04:30 PM #102    


Louise Schier (Cassidy)

Wishing & praying all my classmates & family are safe from these fires.So sad to see this devestation & the landmarks gone.Just have no words.


10/10/17 10:08 PM #103    


Gary Pozzi ((Sid Page))

For the time being Bobbi and I have dodged the Lobo fire in Lake Wildwood with 30% containment but are crestfallen over losses already suffered by our Santa Rosa friends and the ever present danger the area is still enduring. Prayers for the safety of all. Please keep us informed.

10/11/17 09:08 AM #104    


Lester Hunt

I just heard that my sister lost her house.  She loved that house.  So sorry for all those devasted by this horrific fire.  My thoughts are with you all.  UPDATE:  It turns out that my sister is not burned out (yet?) but is evacuated.  Deborah was misreading a post a friend had left on my sister's FB page.

10/11/17 09:27 AM #105    


David Hixson

I spoke with Bob Butler and he and Carolyn and packed and ready to leave if necessary.

I spoke with Gary Searby and he and Peggy were in Lassen when the fire started but their home appears to be safe for now

Chris and I were in California for 10 days around the Labor Day weekend and stayed off of River Road about 10 miles from the Hilton that burned.

Our prayers and thoughts to all especially the class of 64


10/11/17 10:27 AM #106    


Diane Flindt

Thank you for the fire/evacuation map link, Ted.  Really helpful.  I think my grandparents' house on Coffey Lane must be gone--so strange to think that link with the past is probably ashes.  My G'mother had nasturtium and snowball bushes in the front yard, while Gramps had strawberries and aspargus in the back.  

10/11/17 10:32 AM #107    

Tim McKusick

Our fair city is devastated. The home I sold to move to the coast, safely tucked away in suburbia, was wiped out in the firestorm. Surreal. So many of our classmates and their families have lost generations of memories and treasures. We are puckering out here at the coast, as the forests are all around us, knowing it could happen here, anytime. I count my blessings on a daily basis. It is times like these that tests our fortitude and beliefs. 


My thoughts and prayers to my schoolmates and their families. We will get through this. I am thinking that we need to start a campaign immediately to rebuild the Fountaingrove Round Barn as a symbol of re-birth and rebuilding to the future, honoring our past.


10/11/17 10:47 AM #108    


Ron Fay

Thoughts and prays to all in the numerous fire areas. For the Santa Rosa fire my daughter found a few web sites that show the maps. They are: as well as

My wifes sister and husband lost their house in the Fountain Grove area (at the top of the hill). So very sad for all that are suffering. Everyone stay safe.

10/11/17 11:41 AM #109    


Edward Bruno

Sad and shocking news.  It sounds as if many classmates lost homes and possessions.  Hoping that everyone in the path got themselves out safely.  There are so many parallels with the fires of '64 except for the greater number of people in its path.  I was on a Roseland Fire Department truck that September and remember being on Nun's Canyon Road and feeling frustrated that there was nothing we could do to slow it down. 

Wind is picking up here in Chico this morning.  Probably in SR too.  Stay safe.

10/11/17 12:20 PM #110    


Bob Choisser

Hi sorry to hear of all the losses...SR will rebuild I just know that for sure. We are in Vacaville and getting it pretty good now (Wednesday)...cold wind from the north coming in...blew the smoke out, but is moving the fires closer...without faith we cannot have strength! We are all getting older and need to take care of safe out there everyone! Bob

10/11/17 12:24 PM #111    


Bob Choisser

...if anyone wants to look in on me...I'm on FaceBook...Pod Ben...have posted some good maps and info on evacs for those in Napa and Solano Counties...Stay safe everyone!

10/11/17 03:04 PM #112    


Richard Freitas

It's so sad to see the devastation in my home town and my heart goes out to those who have lost so much.  I never thought I would see an event like this in Santa Rosa.  The house we sold in Fountaingrove four years ago is completely gone; even though we moved, I remember all the work I put into it.  My wife's sister lost their home on Dennis Lane.  Three other family members, including my son, were evacuated but were lucky that the fire did not damage their homes.  I'm still praying that all of you, my classmates, are well and safe along with the rest of my family and friends.  I now live in a forest and hope this never happens here.

10/12/17 10:03 AM #113    


Carol Clark (Davis)

Such unbelievable destruction and devastation.  My heart goes out to all those affected.

Life can truly change in an instant.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

10/12/17 10:32 AM #114    


Vickie Flieger (Settle)

My only info to your question, Steve, about Montgomery HS being in danger is that my mom (97 years old) and sister arrived here about 10:45 PM last night at my place in Marin County. They live in the Sherwood Forest, Alderbrook Bridge area. My sister got a text at 9 PM with an advisory evacuation from Chanate, Franklin area all the way down to 4th Street, and then east out to Melita Road. Watching the news this morning hasn't given any more or new info about evacuations.                                             Our hearts are broken with all the destruction and loss for our classmates, their families and friends.      Stay safe everyone - Vickie


10/12/17 03:53 PM #115    


Gloria Speicher

I live in Rincon Valley across from Annadel and Spring Lake.  Left in wee hours Monday morning when could see the flames on Calistoga Road to the north and bright red sky to the East (Kenwood fire).  Hwy 12 was packed with evacuating cars.  I drove through area yesterday checking on my house (which still stands although with the unpredictable winds I don't feel safe staying there).  Drove Hoen Ave. by MHS.  No fire activity in Bennett Valley that was visible.  Lots of smoke on the Annadel hillside but no sighting of flames.  MHS looks pretty safe.  Hoen was open all the way to Summerfield.  Evacuations had been called for starting at Park Trail and further south on Summerfield but to my knowledge, nothing yet on the west side of Summerfield.  (But the situation changes so quickly, who knows by now.)  Cars driving up and down Yulupa although Bennett Valley Road is closed near the golf course where we held our reunion.  It appears from maps that the fire is in Annadel but hasn't moved north to the point of Lake Ilsanjo yet.  Hopefully it will not move further north.

Oliver's was open and quite active on Montecito Blvd. in Rincon Valley.  Everything clear up to the junior high on Badger.  Oak Park swim club was lost.  I turned right on Badger and drove to Calistoga.  The housing development behind Maria Carillo was intact and no devastation visible from Badger Road to the north.  to the south was fine.  didn't go Riebli or Fountain Grove, both of which were closed. Calistoga Road closed at Badger.  Montgomery Village is fine as far as I know.  Hwy 12 closed at Melitta (the 76 gas station).

Everyone knows many who have lost everything.  My heart goes out to all.  


10/12/17 04:52 PM #116    


Dale Decrevel (Ruffcorn)

We voluntarily left the first night. Came back home next day. We are a couple blocks from intersection of Fountain Grove and Brush Creek. We were in clear zone until yesterday afternoon when we became advisory evac because of annadel/county part of Bennett valley and wind concerns. Smoke and inversion layer has made air ops almost impossible, until today. On a very positive note... Air ops have been nonstop over our house all day. Like Gloria we drove around before dark yesterday and we have a really good buffer. No power here ... although some along west side of calistoga road had power restored last nite. Memories of fires in 1964 .... and this is so much worse. My thoughts and hugs and love to our classmates. Dale

10/12/17 10:25 PM #117    

Ken Weichel

To classmates, friends and relatives living in Santa Rosa our sympathy and condolences for your loss and our admiration for your strength and resilience. The devastation brought by this fire has touched all our lives. Sandi and I have watched this catastrophe unfold over the TV news, through emails and via text messages feeling very helpless and anxious. We want you to know there are many people who support you in this very trying time. Our hearts go out to those you have lost their home and all those lifetime memories. Thank goodness we haven’t learned of any of our classmates, friends or relatives who has lost their lives. Already the damage is overwhelming and this fire has not yet been stopped.


10/13/17 02:38 PM #118    

Barbara Bramhall (McFarland)

To all MHS Classmates and families:

We are all shocked by the ferocity and magnitude not only of the current Sonoma County fires (Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa; Pocket Fire in Geyserville; Pressley Fire in Rohnert Park; and Nuns Fire in the Sonoma Valley), and the Atlas Fire in Napa County, but all wildfires in California. My hope is that this message finds you safe and sound.

There is a fantastic interactive aerial street-by-street map of the fire damage that you can access at to check on your property, or on your loved ones. The map is updated periodically.

Please be vigilant, prepared and stay safe.


10/13/17 03:32 PM #119    


Ron Fay

Barbara - Thanks for the web site to  view the interactive map. WOW!! What destruction. My wife's siste and husband are off of Fountain Grove Rd. and we heard their house burned down (they are safe). The map shows the entire neighborhood from Fountain Grove Hilton all the way up the hill and most of the way down is total destruction just like the Coffey Lane area. This is unbelievable. Our prayers are with all that have to go through this ugly experience. Everyone stay safe!!

01/01/20 06:31 PM #120    


Steve Raymond

Terry is now in a league with Mark Twain who once famously said: "The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated"

08/13/23 01:23 PM #121    

Bob Butler

Been trying to contact Mike Trombetta who I belive is in Maui. Does anyone know how he is?

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