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09/14/14 07:01 PM #46    


Mary Ann Purcell (Repose)

What a blast! exceeded my was fantastic. Thanks to Gary and all the commit involved.Truly a night filled with a marvelous trip down memory lane. Maybe we'll all see each other next October in Vietnam!

09/14/14 07:48 PM #47    


Dale Decrevel (Ruffcorn)

Reunion was AMAZING!!  The committee hit this one out of the park – all your time and efforts resulted in two great evenings. John and I really enjoyed ourselves Saturday – perfect venue. It was so much fun to visit with everyone. Most definitely a huge success!!

09/15/14 01:46 PM #48    


Vickie Flieger (Settle)

What a WONDERFUL weekend!!! I've been thinking & talking about it non-stop since Friday night & have just now gotten back to my computer. Such great events & so fun to see everyone & have time to talk. I wish I had read the list of who was coming before Friday night so I would have known beforehand who was only coming to Grad night so I could have talked to them more (though I felt like I talked my head off on Friday, ha!) &, like Diane, gone around & given another hug to everyone. It's amazing how great everyone looks & how many of us were there, testament yet again to what a wonderful class we had & have! I am definitely contemplating taking Steve up on his offer for next October & have already starting putting pressure on others to go too! That would be an amazing adventure, too awesome to pass up. So let's talk it up to everyone. And finally, I want to add my biggest applause & appreciation to the Reunion Committee for their efforts & for such a big success. Both evenings were so touching, so amazing & SO MUCH FUN!!  & now I'm going to try to find the pictures Ken Kronen has posted. Be in touch everyone.

09/15/14 03:24 PM #49    


Peter Williams

Sincere THANKS to Gary and ALL of the reunion team for planning and managing a wonderful two nights of reconnection, memories and deepened and renewed friendships with our classmates.  I'm hoping that we can arrange another reunion in a few years - hopefully with even more of our MHS classmates.   /Pete


09/15/14 08:00 PM #50    

Michele Klatt (MacKinnon)

I'm so glad I attended both nights.  It was great to see so many people.  Gary and your crew did a great job.  

09/16/14 02:21 PM #51    


Louise Schier (Cassidy)

I also would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Reunion commitee.Both nights were fabulous,had

a wonderful time remenicing with everyone.Hope to see everyone at the next Reunion.!!!!

09/16/14 03:31 PM #52    


Barbara Graham (Henderson)

I want to add my thanks to everyone involved with the reunion! I really enjoyed both nights and it was great seeing all of you. I just wish I could have talked to more of those attending!

09/16/14 04:36 PM #53    


Barbara Zermay Rousseau

Hi, I wanted to say what a wonderful time I had at the reunion. I went with Maryann Purcell, Bev Thomsom and Bobbie Parkerson, we had a great time catching up on years passed and present. Thank you so much Gary and all the comittee for a great time..All my class mates,you looked amazing...Lynn Berry was so nice talking to you, keep in touch..

09/16/14 04:36 PM #54    


Beverley Thompson

This was one of the best weekends.  Thanks to all of you for your hard work - it was wonderful.  I'm looking forward to October 2015 in Vietnam.  Now that should be fun!  


09/19/14 09:56 AM #55    


Walter Wallace

I just wanted to add my Kudos too to the crew who worked so hard and spent so much time on putting the "50 year" reunion together. This is one event I am glad I was able to attend, actually two events. Gary a BIG Thank You for this great web-site to keep the class connection going and growing. Lots of good memories from the two events and reviving memories from the past.



09/19/14 05:52 PM #56    


Jeff Norman

Thank you ALL for coming from near and far to make this a wonderful event. No worries to those who wanted to come but couldn't. From all the comments I've heard and read, most feel that we shouldn't wait ten years for the next one...make it five. Sounds good to me - there were still plenty of people I wanted to talk to but didn't move around the room fast enough. With the website that Gary has set up, communication to most everyone is already in place. Hey, imagine if each of us could find just one missing person - that's maybe improbable, but not impossible (or maybe just have Janet Scalese find them all! :-). Next time I'm all up for someone's big back yard, and getting a keg and a taco truck. TTFN

09/20/14 03:55 PM #57    


Gary Pozzi ((Sid Page))

Just have to ditto the comments already made.. Major cheers to Team Searby.. Everyone was just so dear to connect with again.. more wonderful memories created..and added to those already collected..        I think we all share the frustration of not having had enough time, even after two evenings, to connect with old friends as deeply as we wished we could have. So, I'm throwing in with the bunch that wants to get together more often. Keep it simple so the effort doesn't drain the enablers. Jeff's got it going with his, "keg and a taco truck" idea... add a Mariachi band and we're golden. And we could have it at Pedersen's!! Just caringly shove all that fine furniture against the walls and make a party.. HA 

Be blessed til then..                                                                                                                                        Pozzi




09/20/14 09:59 PM #58    

Tim McKusick

I'm in! As long as Gary/Sid brings his axe! And there's a piano for Joel! 

09/20/14 11:02 PM #59    

Greg Smith

Such a great time! Many thanks to all who got it launched and brought it home. The 5 year plan seems to resonate with a lot of us and I love the idea of simplifying to lighten the work load of those willing to step up and orchestrate the next one.

Maybe we could just have an all day potluck picnic which would allow for the extra time we all seemed to want to catch up with everybody. If it was summer, it could start at noon and go 'till 8-8:30. ( Or if that's too much, we could start at 10a and go till 4p, leaving plenty of time to catch the Denny's early bird specials and still be home in time to watch Golden Girls. Frankly I didn't see any of our fellow grads who are ready for that agenda; save that for maybe our 70th.

I hope some of you are giving  serious thought to Steve Raymond's super generous offer. We're going to start collecting  travel points since it seems too good an offer to pass up. And that would little more than a year away so I'll be seeing some of you maybe sooner than later. I sure hope so.






09/21/14 08:38 AM #60    


Beverley Thompson

This sounds like a great plan - simple is the key!  Let's make sure we stay in touch!  It was a wonderful two nights.  Loved seeing everyone!  Oh and Greg Smith the girls and I are definitely going next October - could not let that pass!


09/21/14 10:33 AM #61    


Vickie Flieger (Settle)

Me too.

09/21/14 01:04 PM #62    


Richard Freitas

Well, I'm still in Italy but it sounds like all of you had so much fun that I'm sorry I couldn't take a flight home to be with you for the reunion.  It just makes me hope that there will be another reunion in 5 years all the more.  To all of the classmates, I wish you well and hope to see you at the next event whenever it is.  To the reunion committee, I'd like to say that it sounds like you did a phenomenal job and I hope someone repeats it for the next get-together.  No one can say the MHS class of 1964 lacks spirit!

09/21/14 02:51 PM #63    


Robin Bailey

Thank you to the committee for all your hard work putting this 50 year reunion together.  It was a wonderful evening (I only went Sat. nite).  My husband, Robbie, said that he had the best time, much much better than his east coast 50th reunion last year. I do hope that a St.Eugene's reunion will happen.  My sister, Paula, just went to her St.Eugene's reunion yesterday.  She said that she always try's to attend those, it's very special.   Thank you everyone for a wonderful evening.




09/21/14 07:17 PM #64    


Nancy Noonan (Simpson)

A great big thanks to everyone who had a hand in organizing our "50th" reunion.  I enjoyed both the grad night and Saturday night!!!!   I think we should have a 55th for sure and I think there are a lot of us who would be willing to help.  Now that so any of us are using the website it will be fun to keep in touch.  Thanks again to all of you who workd on the reunion.  All your work is greatly appreciated!!!

09/22/14 09:45 AM #65    


Michael Dolce

thank you to all the reunion committe for all your hard work to make it a very special 50th what a great time everything was great great to see everybody thank you again to all michael dolce

10/20/14 04:20 PM #66    

Audrey Adorni (Mason)

Hello, Everyone!  I'm sorry I haven't been on our website for a while.  I had a problem with my system and couldn't get to the site.  For all of the birthdays I missed, I'm sorry.  Happy Belated Birthday to All! I hope to hear from all of you.  My husband, Dale, had to have cataracts removed from both of his eyes (one at a time), but he is doing well now.  You all take care and be well.

10/21/14 11:48 AM #67    


Bob Choisser

Audrey...hope you feeling better. There is a void when you are not posting your cheeful messages!


10/21/14 03:46 PM #68    

Phil Groat

Audrey, glad you are back! Your positive outlook and kind remarks are welcome and have been missed!

10/21/14 05:43 PM #69    


Ann Dickerson

Hope you're feeling much better, Audrey. Dale, too. Is he still into photography?


10/22/14 02:44 PM #70    

Audrey Adorni (Mason)

Thanks for all of your well wishes and comments.  They are appreciated.  Dale is doing well after hs cataract surgeries.  Hope you all are doing well.  Take care.

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