Class Reunion Survey

Jeff Norman, Ken Pedersen, Gloria Speicher, Jayna Trafford (Osmundsen), and Gary Searby would like to thank you for completing the Class Reunion Survey.

We look forward to seeing your smilling faces soon!

Survey deadline is February 7, 2019


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* Answer Required
1)   * Would you attend a grad night and/or reunion party this year?

  Will attend unless it conflicts with currrent plans
  Can't commit until I know the date
  Would like to attend, but not sure I can afford it
  Not interested in attending
2)   * Grad Night and/or Class Reunion?

  Prefer classmate only event
  Grad night (classmates only) and Reunion with guests
  Reunion with Guest
3)   * Reunion Location Preference?

  Let's do it again at the Golf Course venue!
  Would prefer we use a different location!
  Suggested location
4)   * Preferred time of day for the event?

  Afternoon...can't stay up late anymore :0)
  Early evening...getting old and have to get to bed early :0)
  Mid evening...ready to party until whenever :0}
  No preference...just can't wait to see everyone :0)
5)   * Event duration?

  Four hours
  Five hours
  Six hours
  No preference...still can't wait to see everyone :0)

We received several comments from people after the reunion that they wished the reunion was longer, because they didn't get to chat with everyone. So here's your chance to help set the event duration.
6)   Are you interested in helping plan and/or setup the event?

Enter your name and let us know if you want to plan and/or setup the event.
7)   * Will you be coming from out of town and need lodging?

Yes No
8)   * What time of year would you like to have a reunion?

9)   Comments

Let us know if you have any other information that will help us plan the event.